Reduce your craving for sweets ~ painlessly!

by The Blonde Issue


Ever wondered how to reduce your craving for sweets but giving up on eating it was just way too hard?

Here are few tips how to start your sugar detox.

If you add sugar to your tea instead of honey, then you will probably have more difficulties to cut that out. But once you try to give up on sugar and even while cooking use just tiny bit of brown sugar, you will feel the different. Your mind will be on ease too!

So what type of food can help you to get rid of the sugar addiction? You won´t be probably surprised but what may surprise you is that it actually works!

  1. protein
    – fish, eggs, poultry, tofu, dairy products, beans
    – add protein to every meal, it slows your digestion and keeps you full longer
  2. replace sugar with honey
  3. start your day with a proper breakfast
    – what about a healthy oatmeal? replace water with milk / soymilk / coconut milk and add your favorite fruit, coat with chia seeds, nuts or other favorite sprinkles and nom! It keeps you full and by time your sugar cravigs will get weaker (yup, I really don´t have craving anymore, but from time to time I like to add chocolate to my oatmeal)
  4. smoothies
    – it´s no secret that fresh vegetables and fruits are the best for your body. It is naturally sweet and the fruit peels give you extra vitamin boost and the fiber will slower your digestion again. Combining with yoghurt or milk you will also get more calcium.
  5. plain yoghurt
    – again like oatmeal, you can combine it with fresh fruit of your choice and it will taste as good as a muffin 😛
  6. spices like cinnamon
    – cinnamon reduces sugar craving by minimizing insuline. So after you make your oatmeal, sprinkle it with cinnamon and let it rest. Instead of unhealthy sugary cereal bar have and halved banana and crushed nuts, mix it with a bit of cinnamon and nom ~
  7. apples
    – contect chromium, which is regulatingsugar and cholesterol in your body, therefore getting it from a proper source is necessary. Apples have lots of it, so why eat carbohydrates instead?
  8. nuts, i´m going nuts
    – fresh nuts or nut spreads are also perfect for reducing sugar cravings. 100% peanut or cashew butter are part of those healthy fats but if you´re on diet, don´t eat too much, 2 spoons are okay 🙂
  9. dates, beets, sweet potato, vanilla ..

    And here are few photos of my oatmeal-breakfasts i posted on Instagram~~


I always add peanut butter under the porridge first and then add the rest. Lately using dates sirup (100% dates, no sugar or additives) and bananas. Bananas give me a perfect start to the day so they can´t be missing!


While cooking the oatmeal sometimes I add frozen blueberries aside the bananas. Not only I get a beautiful color but also the taste is little soury which is perfect! Adding coconut and nuts makes it a real deal ~

8When I have cherries or plums in a jar how can I resist and not use them?! Also with some high quality milk chocolate and chia seeds, dates and topped with date syrup……… not 100% without sugar but definitely tasty, still healthy and enough to fill me till the lunch time.