* 2016 *

by The Blonde Issue


So this is it.. 2016 !

I was thinking alot about starting a new blog again after those years. Since then a lot has changed in the world of blogging and also bloggers became someone that actually do have an influence on their readers.
It´s not just a game anymore.

Well.. I always liked blogging because it was some kind of escape from everything and also because i loved writting new posts. Writting, reading, commenting.. discovering new things and getting inspired.

There is no way to specificy what I will post about; everything is slightly random. Even though my main focus is on korean studies and food, I still love to review movies and tv series, search for new inspirational posts and photos and last but not least talk about my beloved bunny.

Wishing all the best to you all in 2016, may this year be full of happiness, love, good books and health, less wars and pain ❤